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Affordable Commercial Refrigeration Toowoomba Specialist

Garden City Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has more than 15 years of commercial and domestic air conditioning installation experience in Toowoomba. It is a reputable company in the region that offers a wide range of refrigeration, mechanical, and air conditioning services.

Domestic (Home) Air Conditioning Toowoomba

We help families enjoy a perfect climate inside their house all year round. We sit with you to discuss the best type of air conditioning unit to use for your home based on the following factors:

  • Rooms
  • Dimensions
  • Layout
  • Aesthetics

Learn more about our different types of room air conditioners. Schedule an appointment with us. Call us at 07 4659 0655.

Variety of Commercial Air Conditioning Toowoomba Services

Most businesses need to maintain a regular temperature in their establishments, unless it has been designed for an open-air ambiance. For the IT, food manufacturing, meat and poultry, fishery and pharmaceuticals industry, this may even require some additional add-ons.

Garden City Refrigeration and Air Conditioning caters to all of these needs. We can help you maintain the cool temperature of your restaurant, factory or office through our rooftop packaged systems.

Get to know more about this package and the other commercial air conditioning Toowoomba services we deliver. Send us a message, today.

Complete Commercial Refrigeration Toowoomba Services

We design, install, and service different types of refrigeration systems. This includes:

Cool room freezers for commercial refrigeration Toowoomba

We help you save on your construction cost by installing and designing cool rooms and freezer rooms in Toowoomba that fits your requirement. We choose the most energy efficient machines and equipment so you won't have to worry too much about your utility bills.

Talk to us today so we can discuss how we can help you save on construction cost and power usage.

Kitchen equipment for commercial refrigeration Toowoomba

We sell and install various kitchen equipment such as food and beverage storage equipments used for restaurants, hotels, fast-food outlets, and catering establishments. Tell us your needed requirements so we can recommend the equipment best fit for your business.

Blast freezing for commercial refrigeration Toowoomba

Other people call this "shock freezing" because it has been designed to quickly reduce the temperature of food products to help avoid its metabolic processes. It is very common in the food and meat industry.

Find the right blast freezer for your needs. Schedule an appointment with us, today.

Specialized process cooling businesses

Your business may require other specialised process cooling systems. Is it a water chiller? Storage bins? Ice makers? Tell us the cooling system you need. We'll help you get one.

Sales and Maintenance (24/7 Service Breakdown)

We also provide a 24/7 Service Breakdown to our customers. This is part of our commitment of delivering exceptional products and services to our clients. Talk to us, today.

Wide Range of Mechanical Toowoomba Services

We help you complete all your business requirements and add more features to your homes with these services:

  • Car park exhaust
  • Fresh air systems
  • Kitchen canopies
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
  • Heat Pump Pool Heaters
  • Indoor pool solutions
  • Toilet exhaust

We help in the design, installation and purchase of the needed equipment to complete these projects. Visit us or give us a call so we can begin with your project.

For all your commercial refrigeration & domestic and commercial air conditioning requirements. We are a 24 Hour Service.

Call Us Now on (07) 4659 0655