About Garden City commercial refrigeration & air conditioning toowoomba

Garden City Refrigeration & Air Conditioning was established in 2002. Responding to what we saw as a gap in the refrigeration and air conditioning market in Toowoomba, we set ourselves to achieve a high standard of customer service.

We supply, install and maintain all types of commercial refrigeration products along with domestic and commercial air conditioning Toowoomba. As part of the service standard, we also offer our customers a 24-hour breakdown service.

Your air conditioning installation Toowoomba of choice

There may be other companies in Toowoomba that offers the same commercial and residential air conditioning services. But why should you choose Garden City over the competitors?

Commercial Air Conditioning Toowoomba Advantages

When choosing a commercial air conditioning Toowoomba company, these are some factors you need to consider:

Pay attention to their attitude

They may be skilled and knowledgeable, but if they are not very accommodating to your needs then this may cause your business several headaches. It is best to hire someone that can be there when you need them.

Talk to us at 0746590655.

Focus on their tools and equipment

The tools of your choice of refrigeration and air conditioning company is a reflection of their efficiency and quality of work. Ensure that they keep their tools and equipment updated. In this manner, you'll know that they are always taking advantage of the latest technology to deliver the fastest and best results to their customers.

Know their previous projects

Social media and online reviews has made the task of finding an air conditioning expert in Toowoomba easier. Now, you can easily find feedbacks and reviews of previous clients to measure their skill set and efficiency.

Ask around to know how Garden City completes its project on time and on budget. Visit our projects page to see some of these.

Commercial & Residential Air Conditioning: Call 07 4659 0655

Should you need any commercial or residential air conditioning services, just call us at 07 4659 0655. We also perform refrigeration and mechanical services to include:

  • Blast Freezing
  • Cold Rooms, Sales and Installation
  • Design and construct
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
  • Heat Pump Pool Heaters
  • Preventative Maintenance Service
  • Refrigerated Transport

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Garden City Refrigeration and Air Conditioning includes a 24-hour service breakdown to their services. This is our guarantee that we will be there during emergency cases.

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