Commercial Air Conditioning Toowoomba Services


Garden City Refrigeration installs and services different types of commercial air conditioning units in Toowoomba. This includes the following:


Rooftop Packaged Commercial Airconditioning Systems


Are you looking for a heating and cooling system with a heat pump plus a separate central air conditioner? Then you must be looking for a rooftop package system for your commercial property in Toowoomba. 


Here at Garden City Refrigeration, we install rooftop package systems in Toowomba for:


  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Other commercial properties


This allows you to centralise your heating and cooling units into one location. Plus the following advantages:


  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Decreased repair costs
  • Modular and flexible design


Talk to us to ensure your company’s new HVAC unit will properly fit your building in Toowoomba. This includes the following:


  • Air conditioning unit
  • Heat pump and/or furnace
  • Humidity control system
  • Air circulation system


Send us a message to learn more about our rooftop package commercial air conditioning services. 

High Wall (Split Commercial Air Conditioning Systems)


Unlike old commercial air conditioning systems in Toowoomba, high wall air conditioners do not take up a window or a large hole in your walls. Rather it is mounted high on the wall, thus taking up very little space in your office. It has its own compressor and indoor unit for each area that is being cooled.


This is a cheap and effective way for heating and cooling small offices and even large function rooms when sized correctly by skilled and knowledgeable air conditioning technicians. 


Contact us so we can calculate the size of high wall air conditioner fit that will suit your business establishment. 

Ducted Split Commercial Air Conditioning Systems


Do you have a large office space with multiple enclosed offices? Or do you have large commercial centres that require an energy-efficient heating and cooling system in Toowoomba?


Commercial ducted split air conditioning system could be the perfect choice for you. It gives you have complete control and zoning for these office spaces. Thus, allowing you to set the temperature for only the necessary areas. This brings your business more savings and less wasted energy. 


Send us a message so we can properly plan the design of your ducted split system in Toowoomba. 


Multi Split Commercial Air Conditioning Systems


Do you have a restaurant, shops, and offices that need a cooling and heating system? 


Rather than having many outdoor units, using a multi-split system can allow you to connect up to nine indoor units with just one outdoor unit. It is simply a matter of proper design and planning. 


Do you want it to be a combination of a wall and ceiling-mounted air conditioning unit? We can assist you with that. Just send us a message so we can properly evaluate your office space. 



VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Air Conditioning Systems


If you have retail spaces, hotels, mixed-use building and larger offices, then installing a VRF commercial air conditioning system in Toowoomba maybe your best option. This has the capacity to meet the heating and cooling requirements of a larger building, which make it extremely reliable, efficient and easy to control.


Choose from the variety of VRF airconditioning options we have for you. Let’s talk. 


Contact Us | Commercial Air Conditioning Toowoomba


We install these systems, including ducted air conditioning Toowoomba, fast and efficiently. We also inspect old air conditioning units and recommend a better alternative to it to save energy. 


Tell us your unique business requirements. We are happy to help. Call us at (07) 4659 0655. Otherwise, send us a message.



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